Providing holistic medical and paramedical services for women to assist them in their every medical need

From pregnancy and menopause to gynaecological conditions, such as uterine fibroid and pelvic floor disorders, women experience unique health conditions, especially due to their childbearing and childbearing roles, making them the largest users of healthcare services especially in the Middle East.

With the countries like the United Arab Emirates undergoing rapid and profound changes especially in the healthcare sector, one of the key priorities is to raise an awareness on the major health risks faced by women and to provide them with world class medical services.

Join us at the inaugural Women's Health and Reproductive Care conference on the 11th and 12th of November 2016 to learn about the latest contemporary advancements in the field of women’s health and get an update on the latest guidelines and treatments in the obs-gyne specialisation.

This conference in partnership with EOGFF, is supported by Dr. Awatif Al Bahar President of the Emirates Oby-Gyne Society and chaired by Dr. Mohammed Elkayoubi, Consultant Obs & Gyne and Reproductive Medicine Infertility and IVF at the Dubai Gynaecology and Fertility Center.

This event will deliver comprehensive and quality obstetrical and gynaecological learning’s through case based presentations to enhance the clinical knowledge and skills of practitioners attending, including obstetricians, gynaecologists, infertility specialists and other healthcare professionals involved in caring for female patients.

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Objectives of attending the Woman Healthcare Conference 2016:


Discover the latest trends and developments in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in women such as cancer, hypertension, obesity and diabetes.


Review proven methods in managing behavioural disorders in women


Evaluate and manage high risk pregnancies at an early stage to avoid preterm delivery and ensure safety of both mother and child


Hear about the latest innovations in the treatment of female patients with fertility challenges and how they can overcome them


Network with your peers to build relationships and exchange lessons learned

Who should attend?

  •  Directors of Maternity Hospitals
  •  Heads of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department
  •  Oby-Gyne Consultants/ Specialists
  •  Obstetricians
  •  Gynecologist
  •  Reproductive Medicine Specialists
  •  Fertility Specialists
  •  Gynecological Oncologists
  •  Gynecological Pathologists
  •  Fetal Medicine Specialists
  •  Embryologists
  •  Endoscopic Surgeons
  •  Hysteroscopy Specialists
  •  Laparoscopy Specialists
  •  Midwives and Nurses
  •  Radiographers and Sonographers
  •  Anesthesiologists
  •  Family Medicine Physicians and General Practitioners All other medical professionals relevant to woman healthcare
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